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Coinmerge Doubloons


The Tangible NFT collection, Handmade Physical doubloons for the Platform. These are made from Steel, Copper, and Hand forged Damascus. No 2 pieces are alike. this first run contains 29 NFTs in various packs, from singles to 4 packs. When you purchase one of these, contact me on one of my socials, with an unlocked Passcode as your Proof of Purchase, an Provide me with a PO box that I can ship to. then, I will toss a label on it, and send it over to you through USPS. I will provide a picture of the shipping receipt to prove I have sent it. I will not under any circumstances share any private information. I plan on Bringing my Blacksmithing business to the blockchain, and that means I value discretion as a reputation. Ask the Coinmerge team for Testimonials to that.

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